When R got up yesterday she asked if it was going to rain.  I told her yes. So her morning prayer was for rain and not snow.  Why that I have no clue.  She loves snow.  She should have prayed for no storms!!  Either way, it started storming early this morning after midnight.  We lost power at 2, I think.  We still didn’t have power this morning.

I keep a flashlight by my side of the bed.  I hate storms ok, especially at night they freak me out. Besides going to the bathroom without that flashlight would have been hard.  So when I got up, I turned on one of my QVC flameless candles.  Those things are literally the best, and the scent I have vanilla is great too!  The candle stayed on until the lights came back on. Robert got up and rushed off to work, I wasn’t pleased with that.  Since we still didn’t have power, and R loves her warm milk.  We got power back by 10.  Or else he would have been hearing from me-cause I wasn’t going to stay in a house without power.

We got 3 inches of rain, which we needed.  A few high water rescues, which one I noticed made ABC news this morning.  Seriously, people when will you learn.  I love the rain, the storms not so much.

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