More Storms

Since we seem to have only so many days of sun then it rains again.  In case, you are still clueless we have had above average rainfall for Dec and Jan.  Pretty sure, Feb will hold the same.  We didn’t lose power this time and yes the storms hit at night.  But if you live outside the county they rarely lose lights.  Just one more reason to live outside the county.

Colder weather does mean that R, can wear her flannel purple footed pjs to bed.  No, we have never bought flannel pjs for R.  We just kinda figured why bother.  Our climate isn’t that cold.  However, these were given to her.  And they are PURPLE.  She does look pretty adorable in them.  Purple is her fave color.  So when Sunday she got to wear her purple dress, big purple bow compliments of Daddy, her snow boots, and purple sweater from Aunt Tay she was tickled purple.  She said she needed to have purple boots, I said good luck with that.  She has pink cowgirl boots and black furry boots  (aka snow boots). 36 week appt tomorrow, I have to see the dr weekly.  R will be at the sitters and she will get to go to school for a little while.    She will be happy.

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