Ok, lack of blogging. Well, I do have 2 kids.  One who eats all the time-until recently.  She is bf, and bf poop is gross and hard to get out of clothes.  Emily is a very happy baby, and a pure joy!!  She talks to us, smiles and laughs.  She loves Mommy and R.  She loves her swing, she loves white noise.  She hates her carseat. 

She sleeps pretty decent at night about 5-6 hrs which just started recently.  No, I don’t expect her to sleep thru the night and yes I am ok with that.  She loves to be babyworn in the Boba.  She travels fairly well.  She does have acid reflux like R did.  She does spit up way less than R though. She burps very well.  She does great in the church nursery and they all love on her. 

At almost 2 months, she weighed 8 and a half lbs, and was 24 inches long.  Making her one long baby.  She does have a fussy period in the evenings, which I do hope ends soon. Some nights it is very bad, others not so much. She is very much the opposite of R.

She is tough, then again you have to be with R as a big sister.  She loves her little sister, a little too much.  They are just way too cute in matching dresses. 

How is R?  Well, she is almost 4!!!  Yes, 4!!!  Kinda wondering where the years went.  She is still petite and oh so picky.  She is very smart, and starting to read some.  She loves to learn.  She recently said she was thankful for Jesus, the Bible, Bunnies and Stars.  Yep, that’s R.  She loves to play with her dolls and bunnies.  She loves her gym class.  I really don’t think I am ready for her to be in school. She is ready though. 

Baby Recognition is less than 2 weeks, and I am so looking forward to it. 

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