Emily at 4 months

Emily eats every 2 hrs, every 4 it has been at night until this week she has started to go 6.  If 6 is her version of sleeping through the night , I will take it.  She loves music, singing, her sister, Mommy and Daddy.  She hates her car seat.  She has to be able to see you or gets mad.  Wears size 3-6 months in clothes and a size 2 diaper.  Can roll over, will tolerate tummy time, does not like to lay on her back.  She prefers her side.  To take a nap, she has to have white noise of rain and rock in her swing.  A very laid back and calm child most of the time.  If she wears a bow, she messes with it then screams.  She looks way better with a bow on through, poor kid has little hair.  Looks like Daddy and nothing like her sister.  If she continues to be chunky baby, then she won’t weigh much less than her sister at age 1.

She loves bible class.  Is content to sit with other ppl, aka M,K, J and her Mom.  She has not been to a babysitter yet, I think she would do ok though.  She is teething, but wears a baltic amber necklace it does seem to help.  She drools less, but does wake up more often.

We have started to put her in cloth diapers except at night (aka fluff bum).  Fluffy bums are so cute!!  My fave diaper is a Howler Monkey bum made by a wahm mom.  R is actually jealous of that diaper.  On a day to day to basis, we use Best Bottoms diapers.

She still loves to worn in the boba.  I figure I will babywear her as long as she lets me and likes it.  She will roll over everywhere and that includes her swing if not strapped in. She has attemped to roll over, while swaddled and just mastered it.  Silly girl!!

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