R at 4

Fave color: Purple

Fave shoes:  Purple Crocs with Minnie Mouse Bling

Fave food: Waffle with pb and raisins

Fave show: Team Umizoomi

Prefers to wear dresses with big hairbows, and ponytails.  She loves to play with her barbies, bunnies, her fire trucks.  She is very creative and loves her art easel, and keyboard.  She loves gymnastics.  She wants to be a firefighter when she grows up but she really goes back and forth, between that and doctor.  Very picky!!!  Refuses to share her toys with sister, yet wants to play with her old toys (now Emily’s).  On the day of her 4th birthday, proudly announced to us she was ready for kindergarten!  She won’t be in kinder in the fall.  Loves to sing and sings to her sister daily.  Will text Daddy and her Aunt and only them!  Has figured out both of our phones.  We have two different phones. “Reads” books to us daily.  Loves Pinkalicious and cupcakes.   Loves Dora, Team Umizoomi and Minnie Mouse.  Will repeat most everything Mommy says.  Will tell on herself if she gets in trouble this is so funny!!!  Would love to live at the beach (so would Mommy!)  Is planning a trip to Disney even though, we can’t go for awhile.  LOVES her sister.  Is a petite thing.

She is a firecracker!!

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