Bumbo,Boba and a Bobo.

Riley is accustomed to the many baby products that now grace our home.  The purple bumbo, the boba etc.  Well, last weekend I got a new ring sling.  It is in a beautiful blue color.  So last Saturday evening. Riley keeps asking if I can put Emily in her bobo.  What’s a bobo kid?  So then she finally started saying. “IT’S BLUE, IT’S BLUE”.  Lol.  She figured since we already have a bumbo, and a boba, that new carrier should be called a bobo.  Makes sense.

Riley may not have been worn as a baby, but to her it is natural.  She often wears her bunnies in a sling, and rocks them to sleep in their new baby bed.  Yes, my girly girly who never really played with dolls.  She owns 3 baby dolls, she does play with barbies though.  Yes, almost everything in our home is in girly print.  Only the jumperoo, swing and carseat are really gender neutral.  Riley has to get a new carseat this fall-she is asking for a purple one. 


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