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Where to start

I am not sure where to start.  Where do you start after not blogging for over 6 months.  My life has changed.  I have a special needs child who has Spd (a form of Autism) she is very high functioning.  And no don’t question me or Robert on this.  Our beloved Riley has this, the signs have been there for years. No, she is not on meds and she was diagnosed by her therapist.  She attends a local private school and will continue to as we are able.  She is doing well for the most part, we have good and bad days.  She loves school and loves gymnastics.  She is 4 and will still be going to kinder in the fall.  Something Mommy is not ready for.  Emily just turned 1, and is a very much a Mommy’s girl.  She is now walking 90% of the time.  Talks in her baby chatter but clearly says Mama, Dada, Papa, Baa for sheep, and perhaps a few more.  Loves her food and her milk. 


Bumbo,Boba and a Bobo.

Riley is accustomed to the many baby products that now grace our home.  The purple bumbo, the boba etc.  Well, last weekend I got a new ring sling.  It is in a beautiful blue color.  So last Saturday evening. Riley keeps asking if I can put Emily in her bobo.  What’s a bobo kid?  So then she finally started saying. “IT’S BLUE, IT’S BLUE”.  Lol.  She figured since we already have a bumbo, and a boba, that new carrier should be called a bobo.  Makes sense.

Riley may not have been worn as a baby, but to her it is natural.  She often wears her bunnies in a sling, and rocks them to sleep in their new baby bed.  Yes, my girly girly who never really played with dolls.  She owns 3 baby dolls, she does play with barbies though.  Yes, almost everything in our home is in girly print.  Only the jumperoo, swing and carseat are really gender neutral.  Riley has to get a new carseat this fall-she is asking for a purple one. 


Emily at 4 months

Emily eats every 2 hrs, every 4 it has been at night until this week she has started to go 6.  If 6 is her version of sleeping through the night , I will take it.  She loves music, singing, her sister, Mommy and Daddy.  She hates her car seat.  She has to be able to see you or gets mad.  Wears size 3-6 months in clothes and a size 2 diaper.  Can roll over, will tolerate tummy time, does not like to lay on her back.  She prefers her side.  To take a nap, she has to have white noise of rain and rock in her swing.  A very laid back and calm child most of the time.  If she wears a bow, she messes with it then screams.  She looks way better with a bow on through, poor kid has little hair.  Looks like Daddy and nothing like her sister.  If she continues to be chunky baby, then she won’t weigh much less than her sister at age 1.

She loves bible class.  Is content to sit with other ppl, aka M,K, J and her Mom.  She has not been to a babysitter yet, I think she would do ok though.  She is teething, but wears a baltic amber necklace it does seem to help.  She drools less, but does wake up more often.

We have started to put her in cloth diapers except at night (aka fluff bum).  Fluffy bums are so cute!!  My fave diaper is a Howler Monkey bum made by a wahm mom.  R is actually jealous of that diaper.  On a day to day to basis, we use Best Bottoms diapers.

She still loves to worn in the boba.  I figure I will babywear her as long as she lets me and likes it.  She will roll over everywhere and that includes her swing if not strapped in. She has attemped to roll over, while swaddled and just mastered it.  Silly girl!!

R at 4

Fave color: Purple

Fave shoes:  Purple Crocs with Minnie Mouse Bling

Fave food: Waffle with pb and raisins

Fave show: Team Umizoomi

Prefers to wear dresses with big hairbows, and ponytails.  She loves to play with her barbies, bunnies, her fire trucks.  She is very creative and loves her art easel, and keyboard.  She loves gymnastics.  She wants to be a firefighter when she grows up but she really goes back and forth, between that and doctor.  Very picky!!!  Refuses to share her toys with sister, yet wants to play with her old toys (now Emily’s).  On the day of her 4th birthday, proudly announced to us she was ready for kindergarten!  She won’t be in kinder in the fall.  Loves to sing and sings to her sister daily.  Will text Daddy and her Aunt and only them!  Has figured out both of our phones.  We have two different phones. “Reads” books to us daily.  Loves Pinkalicious and cupcakes.   Loves Dora, Team Umizoomi and Minnie Mouse.  Will repeat most everything Mommy says.  Will tell on herself if she gets in trouble this is so funny!!!  Would love to live at the beach (so would Mommy!)  Is planning a trip to Disney even though, we can’t go for awhile.  LOVES her sister.  Is a petite thing.

She is a firecracker!!


Ok, lack of blogging. Well, I do have 2 kids.  One who eats all the time-until recently.  She is bf, and bf poop is gross and hard to get out of clothes.  Emily is a very happy baby, and a pure joy!!  She talks to us, smiles and laughs.  She loves Mommy and R.  She loves her swing, she loves white noise.  She hates her carseat. 

She sleeps pretty decent at night about 5-6 hrs which just started recently.  No, I don’t expect her to sleep thru the night and yes I am ok with that.  She loves to be babyworn in the Boba.  She travels fairly well.  She does have acid reflux like R did.  She does spit up way less than R though. She burps very well.  She does great in the church nursery and they all love on her. 

At almost 2 months, she weighed 8 and a half lbs, and was 24 inches long.  Making her one long baby.  She does have a fussy period in the evenings, which I do hope ends soon. Some nights it is very bad, others not so much. She is very much the opposite of R.

She is tough, then again you have to be with R as a big sister.  She loves her little sister, a little too much.  They are just way too cute in matching dresses. 

How is R?  Well, she is almost 4!!!  Yes, 4!!!  Kinda wondering where the years went.  She is still petite and oh so picky.  She is very smart, and starting to read some.  She loves to learn.  She recently said she was thankful for Jesus, the Bible, Bunnies and Stars.  Yep, that’s R.  She loves to play with her dolls and bunnies.  She loves her gym class.  I really don’t think I am ready for her to be in school. She is ready though. 

Baby Recognition is less than 2 weeks, and I am so looking forward to it. 

Good Night

Emily went to bed last night at 1:30 and slept till 7:30.  She slept in her sleep sack first time. She finds her way out of being swaddled.  Baby Houdini.  She smiled yesterday for both Mommy and Daddy!!  It is hard to believe she is almost 6 weeks old.  Thank you God for our precious and sweet girls.



My addiction to Etsy

I am majorly addicted to all things Etsy.  It started when I ordered R a backpack with her name on it.  Emily has the same backpack now in pink.  We have gotten so many compliments on R’s bag.

A friend of mine has a Etsy shop, Bailey Bee Boutique.  In the past year, we have ordered a Thanksgiving shirt for R, and a St. Paddy’s day shirt both with her name on them.  She loves anything with her name on it.  We also got beautiful stockings at Christmas.  I kept expecting Hubby to groan when I order something else from her shop but he just laughs.  She also now has a beautiful pink cupcake dress that I order for R’s birthday this summer.  Yes, our girls will always wear green for St. Paddy’s.  They are Irish, after all and I look forward to many years of teaching them about Ireland.