Letter of Intent:Pictures

Since I can’t come up with a letter or choose not to.  Instead, I will share pictures with you.

R looking at her fishies!

 There are deer in the golf course, I didn’t zoom in sorry.

R on the train. 

The train.

 R in the rocking chair at Cracker Barrel that night.  Yes, R is holding piggie in this picture.  Although, he is not one of her fave toys.

R got to ring the bell on the train at Landa Park and that made her day.

Dear R,

When I tell you we are going outside that does mean, yes we are going outside.  That does not mean walk out the door without me though, it means wait by the door.  Ok. I just want to make sure we are clear on this one.



For more letters of intent, go visit Julie.  We visited Landa Park last week and all the pics were taken then. Except for the fishie picture.


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  1. When do you come here?! Next time let me know and we’ll meet you at Landa!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. We where there last Saturday morning. I am ashamed to say we don’t come often enough. Although, that will change that park is great!!! We may come up again over spring break!

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